Choosing the right software is essential to analyze and effectively apply the data generated by the tracking hardware. A well-designed textile tracking software will significantly improve work efficiency. The available RFID textile tracking systems can be configured to meet the different needs and various operations required by the laundry processes of a lodging establishment. However, each establishment can also develop its customized software adapted to their specific needs.

RFID Software Gestion Lavanderia

The essential minimum requirements that we must ask an RFID laundry management software that is well designed and easy to use are:

  • User interface: the software must be easy and intuitive to use. As many functions as possible must be automated to maximize labour productivity and minimize human error. Multilingual capacity is always an advantage.
  • Scalability and growth: the software must be able to grow as the business grows. New functions and capabilities should be available as operational needs change.
  • Software support and maintenance: you will need it if or if; so make sure your provider suministry quality service and support, including software updates.
  • Connect with your provider: a key benefit of your RFID laundry tracking system is improving relationships with your provider. Your tracking software should ideally allow you to access the status of your textiles when they are outside your accommodation establishment. Also, if you have uniform tracking systems. Your laundry software should be able to interact directly with those systems.
  • Possibility of validating shipments both in the accommodation establishment and in the industrial plant: this is another crucial element to improve customer service, as well as to eliminate losses during transit.
  • Link to laundry accounting system: RFID tracking software cannot replace your accounting system, but it should connect and allow automatic updating.

The optimal decisions come on experience. We can all learn from the mistakes and successes of others. You will find that you get control, improve operations, reduce your operating costs and increase your profitability with a well-designed and implemented RFID laundry management system.

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