Accommodation Establishments

Hotels, aparthotels, apartments, bungalows.

In our specialized industrial laundry we handle all types of textiles that your accommodation establishment needs.


Tablecloths of all sizes and shapes, napkins, towels and others on demand.

All finishes and processes are carried out under professional industrial laundry standards:



Leasing and rental of textiles.

Our textile leasing and rental service offers our customers peace of mind with very competitive prices fixed by contract.

We also offer a unique option by giving our customers the flexibility to purchase their own logo textiles and only pay for the textile cleaning process which dramatically reduces your total investment with the added benefit of advertising your business.

There is no type of textile for accommodation and restaurant establishments that our specialized industrial laundry cannot handle and manage with the care and precision that our customers demand of us.

If you are looking for a high quality, competitive and specialized laundry service, contact us now.

Our Suppliers