High-quality RFID readers and antennas that meet or exceed international standards are easy to find, so you have to take into consideration not only the price but also: performance, durability and after-sales service. Your choice should not focus only on the price and technology since it is essential that the chosen equipment fits with the operating environment of your establishment. Therefore, to make the decision on which RFID system is best for your needs, consider the following:

Cabina RFID - Etiqueta para textiles - Software gestión

  • Are you processing large batches or small batches? The size and shape of the reading area of the label in the textile will influence the type and number of antennas you will need. Evaluate your facilities with an experienced provider.
  • Is the same function tracked in a particular location, for example, stain removal, delicate washing, breaks? Such stations do generally not require a computer.
  • Are you processing uniforms or bedding? Table antennas and portable handheld readers work well with uniforms. Bedding requires a reading station that processes the laundry carts.
  • Do you need an immediate response and confirmation of transactions in multiple locations? You should verify that your potential supplier of RFID systems has the capacity for multiple installations. In this case, processing speed, high-speed network and Internet compatibility become essential.

These are just some of the initial questions that you must answer to make an informed selection of the system, which is as cost-effective and efficient as possible.


  • The proper distribution of the antennas is critical.
  • The RFID reading areas must be set correctly to avoid missing or misread labels.
  • The best team with a lousy configuration will give bad results.

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