FITUR, the International Tourism Fair 2019 opens its doors tomorrow, January 23, localise us from tomorrow at FITUR, and we will tell you in detail, and if you do not plan to attend, then we will advance you. Some of the advantages of RFID technology.

The technology of identification of textiles by radiofrequency (RFID) provides unique identification solutions of high performance, so they allow us to anticipate the needs of our customers, exceeding their expectations. Imagine what you could do with RFID technology in your accommodation establishment? Well, do not imagine it, keep reading and know how it helps us in our processes and if you want we can advise you to implement it in your establishment.

Cabin RFID tag reader in Romeral Laundry

The solutions of electronic identification of textiles for the processes of industrial washing utilising RFID contribute the total and fast control of the industrial process becoming a fundamental prerequisite for our laundry. The RFID technology is crucial for operations to focus on value-added activities. Automation plays a vital role in this framework by allowing us to increase productivity per person, reducing manual labour, saving costs and gaining efficiency and quality.

However, operations are only part of this vision. Another vital role for Romeral Industrial Laundry is the control of the assets of our customers. These means knowing at a given moment how many textiles of each customer are in circulation, where exactly they are, how many units are processed per day, how long they last and why. RFID technology helps us adequately answer these questions by significantly improving the identification and classification processes of our clients’ textiles.

Operating scheme of RFID technology applied in Romeral Industrial Laundry

Since a label contains a unique identification number that corresponds to an accurate description of the related textile, RFID technology allows us to track the location and progress of textile in any part of the industrial process, with incredible advantages and savings and if the customer it requires you to extend the tracking in your establishment.

RFID tag on the textile to be controlled by Romeral Industrial Laundry

The RFID has introduced in our processes allowing us a significant cost saving, as thanks to the automated process of textile tracking (mass identification and classification of textiles at the entrance and exit of the laundry).

The RFID technology has improved efficiency, reducing losses and increasing profitability in the industrial process which allows us to offer better prices and more quality for our services. Imagine what RFID technology can do for you and your employees, in short, imagine what you can do with your costs.

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