Author Jose María Vilella Guash is an expert in management and advice of industrial laundries.

Immersed in daily activity, we often consider that everything that is not, in our opinion, necessary at the time, is useless and its cost is entirely unnecessary.

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A similar criterion is that which leads to practice the use of medicine so differently from one another.

Those who regularly control their health through periodic check-ups and those who visit health services when they suffer some discomfort, give us an example of two ways of understanding the importance of health care.

By statistics, they tend to maintain better vitality than the former.

We return to ours.

Auditing production is, and by doing so, we will maintain the possibility of fulfilling a good part of our forecasts.

When we audit, we certify the real state of production in all its amplitude and at a specific time.

Productivity, quality, costs, claims, state of machines, work method, etc., when the result compared with the detail of the system of work implanted in the plant, discovering and correcting negative deviations is natural.
It is a way of being also, maintaining the good level of our staff. 


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Jose María Vilella Guash is an expert in management and advice in an industrial laundry. Adviser to large hotel companies that want to improve their resolutions, increasing their total activity, personnel training, an audit of production systems, periodic management of industrial laundries, improvement of quality systems, implementation of monitoring systems and control of consumption/costs.

It collaborates with ROMERAL LAVANDERÍA INDUSTRIAL, since 2006, it can also follow in:

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