Yesterday, February 12, 2019, the General Director of Lavandería Romeral, Mrs. Yukonda Esparragoza, accompanied by the Minister of Economy, Industry, Commerce and Knowledge of the Government of the Canary Islands, Mr. Pedro Ortega; of the mayor-president of the illustrious city council of the town of Agüimes, Mr. Oscar Hernández; and of the CEO of SODECAN – Society for Economic Development of the Canary Islands, Mr. José Joaquín Bethencourt; inaugurated the new facilities of the company in the Arinaga Industrial Estate in the municipality of Agüimes.

After the ribbon cutting the general director Yukonda Esparragoza expressed her gratitude according to her own words “to all those who, on such an important day for the Romeral Family, have set aside their time and have come to accompany us at the official opening of our new facilities” , likewise he indicated “Personally, I have been working for more than 20 years for and for this project that was born in 1997, when I had the opportunity to start in Lavandería Romeral”

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Stressing later that the new facilities have been possible thanks to the invaluable support, collaboration and trust of all people, agencies and institutions. From the government of the Canary Islands that through SODECAN has given them the opportunity to grant the necessary financing for the execution of the project, based on energy efficiency and new technologies, passing through the town council of Agüimes and all its technical team that have always provided the maximum support and collaboration in everything that was necessary; to the suppliers and companies that worked in the work and to the financial entities that have trusted and supported the initiative for change, working from the foundations of this work so that today it becomes a reality.

Of course not forgetting the customers who have always been and are next to Lavandería Romeral, providing their support and being the sample of the work done in the company every day.

To her family, the one who worked and the one who works in the company, and the one who stays at home, every day waiting for her to arrive, that is to say, her children who have helped her in the family conciliation and have allowed her all the time she has dedicated to the project.

And last but not least, the first ones that make the company a reality every day, all the work team of Lavandería Romeral, who from the first moment trusted in the project and put all their effort and know-how in preparing the plan: administration, maintenance, production, distributors, all have put their shoulders and put their grain of sand in this work.

For his part, the counsellor, Pedro Ortega, said that “Canarian industry is experiencing a moment of renewal in which more and more companies are betting to modernise and adapt to the new demands of the market.”
And the mayor, Óscar Hernández, emphasised that “the Romeral laundry arrives in the Arinaga Industrial Zone with a serious commitment to technology, innovation, quality, … Welcome.”

Representing the human team of the company, one of the workers intervened, highlighting the pride and great satisfaction of the staff of belonging to a company such as Lavandería Romeral.

Romeral Industrial Laundry wants to reiterate to the hotel sector of the island of Gran Canaria that we know that the laundry service is fundamental in the functioning of every accommodation centre and that the management of the company reaffirms its commitment to continue working along the lines of a 4.0 company where the pillars remain:

  1. The best value for money for the laundry service, becoming genuine partners for our customers by providing all our technical and human support to give the apartment departments of each establishment clothes in the best possible conditions which we are sure affects the quality of the service they offer their clients.
  2. Continue working to provide optimal working conditions for our employees, improving everything that is possible, as we are sure that it will have a positive impact on the quality of the service we offer our clients.
  3. Continue developing our environmental policy to contribute to the care of the environment, making use of renewable energies, ecological products and, recycling and reducing everything that is possible to recycle and reduce.
  4. Continue with the implementation of new technologies in the sector, contributing to the improvement and dignification of this.

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