Author Jose María Vilella Guash is an expert in management and advice of industrial laundries.

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In work carried out by our company for the national geography, the invoicing losses that involve rectifying delivery notes in the face of the client’s disagreement when reviewing the received material appear regularly.

This incidence is permanently installed in the vast majority of laundries.

Delivery document

In some cases corresponds to a reality caused by the lack of rigour in the control when making shipments and in other cases, is part of the picaresque of some customers who have become accustomed to claiming to get a monthly advantage in its cost of laundry.

In both cases, the improvement of control in the expeditions sector will solve this problem.

We are dealing with an issue that, if we do not solve it, costs money and that in the audits we have been able to verify that, in some cases, it installs with monthly representativeness of up to 2% of the billing.

Review the control method that is being used to issue the delivery note; it is convenient.

The draft delivery note, which summarises the content of this, must be considered and treated as an accounting document.

Sometimes it is complicated to find out which are the partial ones that are being written down for the subsequent issuance of the delivery note.


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Jose María Vilella Guash is an expert in management and advice in an industrial laundry. Adviser to large hotel companies that want to improve their resolutions, increasing their total activity, personnel training, an audit of production systems, periodic management of industrial laundries, improvement of quality systems, implementation of monitoring systems and control of consumption/costs.

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