Author Jose María Vilella Guash is an expert in management and advice of industrial laundries.

We all know the surprises that, on occasion, we take for differences that we attribute or attribute to our delivery notes — the operators, the rush, the governesses, the workload — explanations tend to point to some of the alleged causes related.

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Sad but true, in most of the times we do not know what has happened so that our delivery notes do not reflect the reality of the delivery content made to our customers. Of course, we only talk about differences in delivery notes. The worst is missing. Rectification of invoices. It is not necessary that we disaggregate the rosary of inconveniences that this generates and the fatal image that in all our surroundings helps to create.

For some time now, we have been following the existing tools in the market to improve this severe problem. The systems we find are not wasteful and have the advantage of having been developed from the experience of who has lived the daily issues of lack of control and precision in the daily issuance of the expeditions of a production plant firmly.

It seems entirely appropriate to recommend its study for subsequent incorporation into the vast majority of industrial laundry plants.


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Jose María Vilella Guash is an expert in management and advice in an industrial laundry. Adviser to large hotel companies that want to improve their resolutions, increasing their total activity, personnel training, an audit of production systems, periodic management of industrial laundries, improvement of quality systems, implementation of monitoring systems and control of consumption/costs.

It collaborates with ROMERAL LAVANDERÍA INDUSTRIAL, since 2006, it can also follow in:

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