ROMERAL Laundry has the latest RFID technology which allows us to obtain better control of our operations at the plant and reduce costs, which affects the prices offered to our customers. Our facilities confirm that RFID technology works.

RFID tracking systems save time and money by instantly and accurately identifying and tracking a large number of items. Our system processes textiles infinitely faster and with 99 per cent more precision than any other method.

RFID en Lavandería Romeral

 The most significant results of the use of the RFID tracking system are:

Significant reduction of losses and reduction of replacement costs of textiles to extend the life of these.
Total control, since we identify the points of loss and this allows us immediate corrective actions.
Significant improvement in the labour productivity of our personnel.
Automated and instantaneous data entry, which has led us to eliminate counts, tabulations and manual reports.
Significant reduction of complaints and claims of accommodation establishments that have RFID tags.
Validation of deliveries and pick-ups at customer locations and the plant.
Improvement of long-term relationships with customers.
Labelling, tracking and differentiation of the textiles owned by the client and our textiles in renting or rental.

These results have not been achieved without some setbacks and lessons learned. In future articles, we tell you our experience, and we give you recommendations to make the correct selection of an RFID system, to carry out a more profitable and effective implementation of this in your establishment.

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